The Kelseys by Callum Sampson

It was a new experience for me when my friend Callum Sampson, asked me to be on (what is in my mind) the wrong side of the lens and feature in his short film that he was making in collaboration with the National Trust, for his 3rd year degree. He shot most of this using my Petzval Lens . This is what creates the amazing bokeh seen in a lot of the shots.

He did use my skills as a water/wildlife cameraman to shoot the in water footage of the seals and it was a great challenge setting the camera up so the look matched that of the Petzval!

My Hound Giovanni is the star of this film though.

Definitely looking forward to working with Callum again and using his skills as a DOP in the near future.

The poem, this is my world, was written and read by John Trembath