The Celtic Crossing 2015

On the last weekend of September 3 UK out-rigger crews, a lone French paddle boarder and 3 UK SUP’ers took on the epic challenge of the Celtic Crossing. This was to be the first time the crossing had ever been attempted in and outrigger canoe and at 50kms it would be one of the longest open ocean races in the world.

The crews signed up to this event 6 months previously and have been preparing ever since. Well aware of the challenges they’re going to face, an overnight on the Scilly’s only served to heighten the expectation from everyone looking forward to seeing how these boats handled this toughest of open ocean crossings. With everything up for grabs the outrigger teams where keen to set a good record time and the individual crews where all looking to set new record times for SUP and Prone paddle boards.

It was an amazing couple of days filming this years event. Surrounded by inspiring people in challenging conditions and incredible wildlife.  A great second year as official media partners to the event alongside MEOR design.

Meor Design         The Celtic Crossing