Mike Stewart UK Promo Tour

Mike Stewart the nine times world bodyboard champion visited the UK last year as part of a promo tour for his company, Science Bodyboards. The Bodyboard-Depot was the first stop and they asked us to film the day and also film some short clips of Mike talking through his range of bodyboards and explaining their technical features. These clips have then been used on The Bodyboard-Depot’s online shop to boost sales and ensure the customer buys the correct product.

Client Feedback

"Sam has helped to elevate my companies through the production of awesome promotional video’s to promote my products and services for the last 15 years."

− Rob Barber | Director | Bodyboard Depot

"Always ahead of the game with slick graphics, the best editing skills in the region and always with a unique twist that sets him apart from his competitors. It’s been a pleasure working with him and I can’t recommend him enough. "

− Rob Barber | Director | Bodyboard Depot