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We took the big step of releasing an in print magazine last year, and guess what it paid off. We received really good peer reviews and great support from the talented contributing photographers and writers.  

LiD Issue No.1

Issue No.1 came out December 2012, 80 plus pages of interviews, articles and photos all printed on high grade cardstock and layed out in an unusual, but perfect for showing the photos off at their best, A4 landscape format. 

Buy Issue 1 here

Issue No.2, Funded by Kickstarter

Issue No.2 is in the pipeline so to speak and is being funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign that reached, and broke through its funding goal after only halfway through the target time. This will enable us to reward all the contributors properly for their skills and expertise that helped us get Issue 1 to the shops by paying them for their contributions to Issue 2. 

Kickstarter Campaign

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