Dulas approached us to Produce a set of 7 corporate videos to showcase the different technologies and fields of expertise, that they offer from the 30 plus years of experience in the renewable energy sector.

Below you can see the clients initial requirements for each video, followed by our first pitch ideas and recommendations. Some of which were implemented others altered as per the clients requests.

In each section you can also find the finished video. All the Dulas employees featured were chosen by the company to represent their individual departments/technologies. We got to film in some stunning and sometimes challenging conditions ranging from the Scottish highlands to The City Of London.

We delivered the finished videos with complete adherence to brand identity and style consistency across all 7 projects

Dulas Ltd

“We would like our knowledge and experience, our high quality products and services, our dedicated focus on health and safety, and our core values to be the main focus of the video. We would also like our accreditations and awards referenced.”

It goes without saying that this video will be made up of the best ten to fifteen seconds from each of the feature videos. Plus dedicated pieces to camera from key persons in the company.

Despite the current trend and recommendations of sub 1 minute videos based on user habits online we feel that this video should and will need to be at least 3 minutes long. This is needed to get cross all the required points in an informative manner. Anything less will result in a dumbed down meaningless clip.

The length will not be a problem as your intended viewer is not browsing facebook on his or her phone to find this content. Your audience will be far more targetted and engaged and wanting to find information about your company.


“The video needs to highlight our longevity in the industry as well as our focus on quality to ensure maximum returns on projects. Our customers are concerned with value for money, quality and CSR commitments.”

This will need to show a range of installations and possibly one in progress, this would enable the latest in technology to be showcased in situ. Key points / statistics could be introduced as on screen dynamic graphics to back up the point of the person on screen or the voice over. The cost of all graphics and basic animations are included in the quote as these are part and parcel of a modern marketing video.

As previously mentioned, the length will need to be one and half to two minutes long so as to insure the content is informed.

At no extra charge we can produce a 45 second highlight version of each video if this is required for email or other social media marketing purposes.


“The video needs to highlight our experience and expertise showcasing us as the industry’s best that are trusted to deliver quality, high performing projects.”

Similar to solar pv video this will need a range of hydro schemes in place to demonstrate the range and quality of the installations. Possible with more technological explanations to show off the standards dulas work to.

Again, use of on screen graphics to bring home the key points.


“Some coanda film edits are available, however extra site visits will still be required to ensure quality and consistency across videos shorts.”

There should be some cross over with the Hydro video, enabling this video to be filmed at the same locations. Of course focussing on the coandas and also explaining how they function in situ. Possible requires animation to show of the self cleaning feature. Also the possibility of some in water filming to give a bit of a wow factor to the video.


“The video needs to highlight our key strengths in fast deployment, quality installations all to high H&S standards.”

As asked for this video will show how quickly and easily measurement devices such as Triton SoDAR can be safely installed in a variety of locations. Also possibly briefly explaining their purpose and differing functions capabilities and methods in the way they remotely take measurements and relay them back.

This would be great if the placement of one of the devices was especially awkward or remote.


“With over 70 years of combined experience in the development team alone, our knowledge and understanding of the industry is key in helping us to win planning consents for renewable energy projects across the UK. Our in-depth understanding of technical requirements enables us to develop suitable designs and layouts for schemes that mitigate potential planning risks. Our team have delivered over 360MW of consented renewable energy projects (planning consent) and are accredited to the coveted IEMA certification.”

This will mostly be made up of  key people to camera pieces. Interspersed with B roll of meetings, site surveys, architects plans, site maps, environmental surveys and possibly if you feel it was correct a well presented public consultation day given the prospective new planning laws re Wind turbines.

One element that would be very visually engaging would be the animated 3D modelling used in the planning and development. Especially one of an existing scheme to show the accuracy of this part of the process.

All the while the figures and facts quoted need to be foremost in bringing home the professionalism and success of Dulas in this most important area of renewables.


“The video needs to highlight us as pioneers who continue to strive to deliver the best products using the most innovative techniques..”

Obviously the animated video explaining the solar fridge already exists and parts of it could be used to describe the technology. The international nature of this product will have to be got across either visually using stock stills or verbally through statistics and facts, or both.

If stills are used they can be contained within professional looking graphical placeholders that can be styled to match the “look” of existing Dulas graphics,  rather than a full screen very flat looking out of date slide show.

Previous relevant experience of the renewable energy industry ensured we delivered an accurate and informative set of marketing videos and our extensive knowledge of filming outdoors in challenging and often extremely harsh weather resulted in no hidden production costs.